Jamaican Sour Sop Leaf

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Soursop leaves have many medicinal purposes that can be very beneficial to many individuals.

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They are frequently used in Jamaica for centuries as natural treatment for various ailments. They are a part of Jamaica’s history because the leaves of the soursop trees have been traditionally used in Jamaica for years. The fruit and the leaves are the primary parts that are used as medicine.

Some of the constituents of the leaves are alkaloid, volatile oil, fatty acids, myricyl alcohol as well as phytosterols.

Health benefits of soursop leaves

The leaves are packed with herbal remedies and they are used to treat hypertension (high blood pressure), worms, colds, fever, coughs, nervousness. They are also used as tranquilizer because of its calming effect on the whole body. Therefore, if a person continues to experience insomnia then a cup of the tea may just be the answer. It gives a calming effect and will allow an individual to rest peacefully. . It is also used to induce sweating or perspiration.

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