Jamaican Raw Bladderwrack

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Bladderwrack is very high in mineral content, especially iodine, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium. It has the ability to scavenge chemicals, drugs heavy metals & radioisotopes throughout the body.

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*More Vitamin C than orange
*Boosting metabolism and protecting against obesity
*Natural source of the mineral vanadium which appears to play a multi-faceted role in regulation of carbohydrate metabolism & blood sugar
*May reduce hypertension
*May deter cholesterol buildup in the body
*Good natural source of vitamin K
*May reduce formation of varicose vein
*May support recovery from cancer and radiation poisoning
*Anti-viral, anticoagulant and anti-inflammatory properties
*Strengthens an under active thyroid
*One of the richest plant sources of calcium
*May play a role in lowering risk of estrogen-related problems
*May strengthen hair, skin & nails


You can go on a thirty day fast drinking this alone and you will experience a deep body cleansing which will cause those that are overweight to drop to their normal body weight all the while removing toxins and excessive waste from the body. Now for those that are underweight; this is an amazing cell and body builder; which will not only cleanse the system but will build it up and prevent the body from eating its own muscle tissue due to malnutrition and mineral deficiency.

1. Rinse under running water in strainer as the brachlets are very fragile
2. Soak in spring water for atleast 1 hour then blend and store or add to products
3. Add 8 cups water to every 2oz of raw bladdewrack
4. It can also be consumed as tea by boiling for no more than 3-5 minutes. Sweeten and consume

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