Irie Vagi-Fresh Combo

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Irie Vagi-Fresh Combo is designed to keep our ladies free from odors and recurring infections. Quit using those products in stores with tons of chemicals we dont even know about and switch to a healthier more natural way of solving your problem.

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This combo is effective at improving the vaginal environment for the alleviation of vaginal itchiness, odor, discharge, redness, swelling, and discomfort — particularly when those symptoms are related to variances in pH levels and/or bacterial flora. Combo acid has will help with vaginal odors, itchiness, burning, discharge, infections (vaginosis), irritation (vaginitis), yeast, candiditis, dryness, and more!

Daisy came up with a combo which comprises of:
28 Boric acid capsules
1 applicator
1 Garlic soap
1 Irie Healing cream

1. Wash area with garlic soap
2. For minor infections insert 1 capsule high into the vagina at nights for 10 days. More chronic infections insert twice daily for 10 days. To eliminate odors insert 1 capsule for 5 days.
3. If you have itching, blisters, burning sensations or redness on your outer vagina use cream as necessary.


This combo does cure STIs, so please consult a doctor.

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