Molasses (Jamaican)

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Molasses is a dark thick liquid byproduct of the process of refining sugar cane into table sugar. It is made from the third boiling of the sugar syrup and is therefore the concentrated byproduct left over after the sugar’s sucrose has been crystallized.

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As the final product, blackstrap molasses contains the lowest sugar content of the molasses, but has more vitamins, minerals, and trace elements (iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium) found naturally in the sugar cane plant, making it more nutritious than most other sweeteners.

Used in a variety of baked goods, particularly meat and vegetable dishes, as a sweetener and coloring agent. It is also widely accepted as a “health food”. It can be used in any number of recipes and is particularly suitable for ginger snaps, soy based sauces, licorice, and canned baked beans.

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